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Oncology Research

"Resistance represents one of the key challenges in cancer treatment. A patient may obtain a dramatic response on a new treatment, but as the cancer finds escape routes among the network of cellular signaling pathways, resistance to the drug is acquired and the cancer reappears."

Sawyers CL. Overcoming Resistance to Cancer Drug Therapy. 2013 Science of Oncology Award Lecture (ASCO annual meeting).

Despite tremendous advances in the development of both cytotoxic and targeted therapies for the treatment of human cancer, there is still a clear need for novel therapeutic approaches. In particular, lack of clinical benefit or development of resistance under therapy are phenomena encountered with many currently marketed cancer drugs.

Basilea investigates cytotoxic and targeted compounds, addressing validated targets as well as unexploited targets or new treatment algorithms. Agents with activity in tumors unresponsive to standard therapeutics are of particular interest, supported by biomarker approaches to aid dose evaluation and patient selection in early clinical development.

Exploratory programs

Scientists at Basilea are applying their expertise in cancer biology and medicinal chemistry to develop new chemical scaffolds targeting both hematological and solid cancers. A major emphasis is placed on eliciting antitumor responses in refractory settings and addressing unmet medical need while maintaining patient 'quality of life'. Various strategies are being pursued to build a broad and diverse oncology portfolio which encompasses different mechanistic approaches.