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Research strategy

Combating Resistance

Resistance is a frequently encountered problem in the treatment of infections as well as cancer therapy and has been associated with prolonged hospital stays, higher healthcare costs and increased mortality. The increasing incidence of multidrug-resistant pathogenic bacteria is a priority concern in the medical community in many parts of the world. Similarly, resistance of tumors towards currently available anti-cancer agents has a deleterious effect on patient outcome. Research at Basilea is focused on finding ways to overcome resistance towards current antibiotics and cancer treatments.

In Basilea's research department, emphasis is placed on the optimization of compound classes that address established targets (e.g. beta-lactams) and the pursuit of novel targets through the discovery of drug leads by compound library screening and structure-based drug design. The discovery of new medicines is led by state-of-the-art technologies integrating the areas of genomics, enzyme kinetics, assay development, screening, cell biology, medicinal chemistry, crystallography, modeling and pharmacology. The project teams in Basel work closely together with scientists in Basilea China in their search for novel molecules with distinct advantages over available therapies.