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EFPIA Disclosure Code


In response to the growing public demand for transparency about interactions between the pharmaceutical industry and Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) / Healthcare Organizations (HCOs), the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) issued a Disclosure Code in 2014.

Basilea has implemented a process to ensure that it is able to collect transfers of value to HCPs and HCOs in accordance with the EFPIA Disclosure Code. Starting with transfers made in 2015, certain defined transfers of value provided by Basilea are disclosed on an annual basis by the end of June of the subsequent year. The transfers of value relevant to Basilea's interactions with HCPs and HCOs are:

•    Speaker and Consultancy fees to HCPs
•    Support of HCPs to attend congresses/scientific meetings
•    Sponsorship of events organized by or on behalf of HCOs
•    Grants to HCOs
•    Research and Development (R&D) related transfers of value

The transfers of value are reported by country, based on the recipients' addresses. In accordance with applicable data privacy laws, Basilea may only publicly disclose personal data if recipients have given consent to such disclosure. In case a recipient has given such consent, the corresponding transfer of value will be reported on an individual basis, including personal data such as the recipient's name and address. If no such consent has been given, the transfer of value will be reported on an aggregated basis. In accordance with the EFPIA Disclosure Code, R&D related transfers of value are reported on an aggregated basis only.



Transfers of value to HCPs / HCOs

Austria EFPIA Reporting 2017_Austria.pdf [97 kb]
Belgium EFPIA Reporting 2017_Belgium.pdf [96 kb]
France EFPIA Reporting 2017_France.pdf [96 kb]
Germany EFPIA Reporting 2017_Germany.pdf [119 kb]
Italy EFPIA Reporting 2017_Italy.pdf [99 kb]
Netherlands EFPIA Reporting 2017_Netherlands.pdf [97 kb]
Switzerland EFPIA Reporting 2017_Switzerland.pdf [106 kb]
United Kingdom EFPIA Reporting 2017_United Kingdom.pdf [108 kb]


R&D related transfers of value

Europe        EFPIA Reporting 2017.pdf [175 kb]